New exciting feature: Buy Any Logo 🤩

Hello designers :wave:

We’re getting ready to launch an exciting new feature that will open up new income opportunities for you with minimal extra effort.

Allowing contest holders to purchase additional logos from ended contests. This means you can earn money from any past contest, from your designs that didn’t win the contest.

We’re in the process of fine-tuning the pricing model, and once the feature is live, we’ll be continuously testing and optimizing it.

How the pricing model works:

  • For purchasing 1 extra logo: The client receives a 20% discount.
  • For purchasing 2 extra logos: The client receives a 30% discount.
  • For purchasing 3+ logos: The client receives a 40% discount.

For example, for a $299 contest, the client pays:

  • 1 extra logo: $299 - 20% discount = $269.1
  • 2 extra logos: ($299*2) - 30% discount = $418.6
  • 3+ extra logos: ($299*3) - 40% discount = $538.2

From this, we deduct LogoArena’s 30% fee and distribute the earnings among the designers. Following the above example, the designer will get:

  • 1 extra logo: $269.1 - 30% fee = $188.37
  • 2 extra logos: $418.60 - 30% fee = $293.02 (each designer gets $146.3)
  • 3+ extra logos: $538 - 30% fee = $376.6 (each designer gets $125.5)

How the process will work:

  1. A contest holder purchases your logo :shopping_cart:
  2. You’ll receive an email with the logo and price details :envelope_with_arrow:
  3. You upload the final files :sparkles:
  4. The client approves the files :white_check_mark:
  5. The balance is added to your account :coin: :partying_face:

Extra notes:

  • During the first 14 days, entries ranked 1-10 won’t be able to withdraw entries. We believe there’s a higher chance of additional purchases during this time, and we plan to encourage additional logo sales during this period.
  • After 14 days, if you choose, you can withdraw your entry.
  • Any logo that remains on the contest page is eligible for purchase by the client.
  • The contest holders can only purchase an extra logo from their own contests.
  • Designers will have an option to opt-out of this feature.
  • The new feature will be released in early November.

See latest updates here.

We are very excited to unlock this new earning opportunity for you, and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback!


Overall it sounds great for most designers.

Speaking for myself, I need it to be an offer to purchase rather than a mandatory sale. I will need the ability to decline right from the getgo, ten day proposal notwithstanding.


Thanks for the feedback @RetroMetro_Steve

As for now, we’re setting up this feature as described above.

We could consider having an opt-out button for designers not interested in enabling this feature, but in that case contest holders won’t be able to buy any of your other logos and you’d be missing out on that revenue opportunity.

just to clarify, the extra logo is for the already winning designer?

or: designer A win the contest and CH want a logo from designer B?

I believe it is for any other design submitted to the contest by any designer.

The thing is, again speaking for myself, the price that I sell something at should be left to my discretion. When I offer a logo for sale in any given contest it is there because it is offered for sale at a price (prize) I am willing to let it go at. If I do not win, then I need to be able to retain the right to sell it elsewhere at a price of my choosing. Sale of that non-winning logo should not imposed upon me by some coding script. I’m guessing that a script could be written that would be localized to individual contests rather than imposed site-wide…?

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Agree with Retro_Steve …and think that the possibility for CH to purchase other logo is great, but it should not be promoted with discounts it just need to be available for the CH - as this lower the value of the logo.

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I think the Logo Arena fee should also be included in discount as only discount is made by the designer

also agree with Steve. I think I’ve already mention it, but the fact that CH cant buy another designer is because he can choose one.

take as example the 1st place tied in olympic games, they both got a golden medal, not that the one who got first got the gold medal and then the other who also make it gets half medal.

now, if its a logo from same designer, he already won so is his choice but should also be at his discretion to offer with discount or set a prize.

the scenario is that sometimes (for example) the winning entry is a square with a trajan font🙃, and then some others designers put some effort to do something unique, it does not have sense to sell it in a lower price, hope you can understand that this as shown is sort of devaluing designers works😕.

  • During the first 14 days, entries ranked 1-10 won’t be able to withdraw entries. We believe there’s a higher chance of additional purchases during this time, and we plan to encourage additional logo sales during this period.

there is the problem :upside_down_face:. as I mention early if the winning entry is something like a square and a sans font (which often do the trick) I don’t want to be forced to sell mine in a lower Price, in any case, I should decide that; What happens if there’s another contest were the project characteristics are similar with same or higher prize?. basically I could not use it in 14 days cause at mandatory to keep it offering for 150$ when it could have a chance to win a 400$ contest.


Hello designers :wave:

Thank you for raising valid concerns and suggestions about the new feature – we appreciate your engagement. To answer each point directly:

  1. Clarification on Additional Logo Purchase: With this feature, the contest holder can buy any logo from the contest, even if it wasn’t submitted by the winning designer. For instance, if you took part in a contest and your logo was ranked 15th, the contest holder can still decide to purchase that logo at any time.

  2. Optional Sale vs. Mandatory Sale: We understand that you may want the choice to decline a sale. So for now, we will introduce an opt-out option for this feature. If you choose to opt out, clients won’t be able to buy your additional logos from any of the contests you participated in (where you weren’t selected as the winner), potentially causing you to miss out on these income opportunities. To opt out, visit the new ‘Settings’ page in your profile and simply toggle the ‘Opt-Out’ option.

  3. Pricing Model: As a start, we will follow a set pricing model we defined above, but we’re open to your feedback. We will actively explore ways to give you more control over pricing in the future.

  4. Promotion and Discounts: We understand your concerns about discounts. It’s important to know that discounts are meant to encourage contest holders to make extra purchases, which, in turn, creates revenue opportunities for logos that might not have earned money otherwise. We’ll closely monitor how discounts impact this, and if necessary, we’ll make adjustments.

  5. 14 Days Withdraw Limitation: While we added this concept to help boost more logo sales, we have removed the 14-day rule for not allowing to withdraw designs. This means that, once this feature is active, you can still withdraw your logos at any time, except for the winning design or any logo that has been purchased.

The new feature is planned to go live tomorrow :partying_face:

As usual, your feedback is super important, and we’re working to make this feature better based on your ideas. We’re excited to hear more from you!

:slightly_smiling_face:This can work for the already winning designer if CH wants another logo (which have another concept related to the contest, not the stand alone symbol or different alignment with same logo concept, careful with), but for the non winning, the price should remain as offered in the contest prize, or let the designer set the price + LA fee

I don’t see it😎 in my profile settings page

It will be visible once the feature is live later today :slight_smile: We will announce again once it’s live.

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Update: We delayed the launch of the new feature to tomorrow.

As far as it goes, this is a good option.

Designer control over pricing is good (and the only way some of us will participate in this new feature).

Excellent. This will allow those who might not wish to opt out globally to keep the feature live but respect their wishes on a case by case/contest by contest basis.

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The feature is live! :partying_face:

Now contest holders can purchase any additional logos from past contests, opening up more revenue opportunities for you.

  1. After the contest holder purchases your logo, you will receive and email about it:

  2. You will see a new tab, called Logo Orders in the contest page.

  3. After you upload the files and the contest holder approves the file, you will receive a confirmation email and the balance will be added to your account.

You will also find a logo orders tab in your account with the history of the logos you’ve sold, and an option to opt out of the feature in the settings tab.