Updates time Q1 2024 ✨

Hello designers,

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re constantly rolling our new features and updates to improve the site. Not all updates get a dedicated post, and thing can get missed…

So we’ll batch of few of our updates here for Q1 of 2024 :slightly_smiling_face:

Logo Orders:

Contest holders can now purchase additional logos from the contest (beyond the single winning design). When a contest holder purchased your logo, it will appear in yourLogo Orders tab.

Addon projects tab

We’ve recently released our addon projects, allow contest holders to continue working with the winning designer on pre-defined follow up projects.

You can also send the contest hold a custom project offer:


As soon as a contest holder purchases an addon, you will see it in your Addon Projects tab.

Addon project settings

Many more addon project types coming in the next few days.

Disputes tab:

We’ve just launched our new disputes mechanism and onsite messaging.

Designer chat

Designer can now message each other on the platform. Please keep the conversations in line with our policy, and note that we monitor communications to prevent misuse.

Support section

We’ve recently released a new support section, to help guide both our designers and clients for a smooth experience. We are working on several tutorial videos and walk-through guides for new clients.

Upload multiple designs at once:

The small quality of live updates… no more back and forth to submit multiple entries.

Public comments indicator

A few more little fixes:

  • Confirm popup for withdrawing logos (to avoid those annoying “Opps! I didn’t mean to click that” :laughing:)
  • Bug fixes to the new dispute feature
  • Enhancements to the Addon Project feature
  • A few more email notifications we were missing

In development / Coming soon

  • Designer chat (live!)
  • Swag store integration (live!)
  • Many more addon projects
  • Marketplace projects (big one!!)
  • Review links for clients to share with their customers
  • Pro/Agency accounts that gives contest holders more options
  • Integrated forum experience (we want all our designers active here :smiley:)

Marketing efforts & Affiliate Program

We are continuously working on new ways to attract new clients to our platform, alongside increasing the engagement and value we provide to our customer.

With that, we have recently launched our very own affiliate program ShareASale.com and LogoArena

And we are actively exploring a few more exciting partnership opportunities :clap:

Closing notes

As promised… we’re working very hard to make LogoArena the single best platform for logo design, which is our core offering. At the same time, we are expanding into more branding-related avenues that closely align with our community’s strong skillset and the ever-evolving needs of our clients.

We’re grateful to have such a thriving and vibrant community, and are looking forward to all the plans ahead!

Daniel & Aviel


I’m very happy with those latest ads updates.

With voting I’m agree with Steve about the ability of all eligible designers to vote.
in the past email was sent just to the disputed designer. and there was a site notification of an open dispute.

I’m also agree to maintaining flags in closed contest, for clipart and web evidence found in future that Admin could take in consideration.

I think it just need to add some features:

  1. to randomnize the presentation of the logo contest.
  2. the control of my logos in one board.
  3. the ability to see all logos of a particular designer in contest in one page.
  4. seeing the PM activity after contest is close

other than that, I think is pretty much it, ready to run!


Could we also get a “my entries” tab within a contest? Currently you have to find the page (if not ranked) your design is on. Then choose that design to see all of your designs. It would be nice if we had a My Entries tab that took us to them from the 1st page of a contest. Also would be nice to have a “withdraw all” button from that page and the ability to withdraw individual entries vs going back into the contest and individually searching for designs to withdraw them. Hope that makes sense?

Thanks for extra feedback points @JuanSBach and @mes :+1: