Big Announcment 🎉 1:1 Project Add-Ons [Coming Soon!]

Hello designers,

We’re working on an incredibly exciting new feature that marks the start of a whole new era for our platform.

1:1 Project Add-Ons

This new feature will enable you to collaborate with contest holders on follow-up “add-on” projects, offering more opportunities and the potential for you to increase your earnings through our platform.

How will it work?

After the logo contest is complete, the contest holder will have an option to purchase a follow up add-on project with the winning designer.

Once purchased, the contest holder and winning designer will have access to the new project/s workroom/s, which functions similarly to the familiar logo contest format.

For example, in the image below, you can see a demo follow-up project from the Contest Holder’s perspective. The contest holder has purchased a Business Card and a Profile Image, and can easily switch between the two in the left side navbar. In this image, the Business Card contest (add-on project) is selected:


In your designer profile, you will have the option to opt-in to follow-up contests. By default, we will automatically opt in all designers for Business Cards and Profile Image, as these will be mandatory and may be sold to contest holders in advance or during the live contest phase. You can choose to opt in or out for the rest of the options.


The follow up add-on projects are based on the winning logo entry, and the present pricing for each contest add-on is the following:

  • Email Signatures: $50
  • Business cards: $150
  • Profile Image: $100
  • Brand Guide: $250
  • Social Media Covers: $250

We will provide templates with detailed guidelines for each 1:1 project add-on.


We are actively working on this significant and exciting new feature and plan to roll it out in early December. We will release and test this new feature with a limited amount of add-on, consistently refining and enhancing based on feedback over time.

Very much forward to hearing your valuable feedback!


Daniel & Aviel

This is a little confusing: some designers on our site do only logo design and would not want to be forced to do anything else/additional. As it reads now it seems a winning designer would have no choice but to offer to also create a business card and/or profile image (for additional payment).

Also, it seems that these extra 1:1 projects should only follow the completion of a successful logo contest rather than precede that. The logo is, after all, the foundational piece of branding collateral. Above is seems to suggest that the logo contest might still be running while other projects commence.

Appreciate your feedback @RetroMetro_Steve :slight_smile:

To clarify, the followup addon projects would start only after the logo contest ends. The way it works is that after the contest is complete, the contest holder will have the option to purchase a follow up project with the winning designer.

In the future, we will probably also allow contest holder to pre-purchase a bundle pack (i.e. Logo + Business Card), but the business card addon project will only start only once the logo contest is complete.

So imagine as a designer, you know that if you win that specific contest, you are also guaranteed a follow up project with the same contest holder who is already happy with your work.

We’re trying to find the right balance between having a few ‘default’ options that we can always offer the client, with features that should be, for the most part, fairly straight forward for our designers.

We’re assuming that a profile image (i.e. a version of the winning logo that works in a circle / avatar format) should be fairly straightforward, and a business card will follow an exact template guidelines we will be providing.

On the other hand, more ‘advanced’ options like a brand guide and social media covers (and more in the future), would be optional.

Hi… I just get notif from the CH on A little Clitty contest Private Contest
She would like to continue working with me but she did know how it works.

I think this feature is not yet live. Perhaps start an email ticket using the Contact us link - Contact | LogoArena

If admin approves, I can put you in touch with the contest holder…

Hello designers! As you can probably tell – this feature has been keeping us quite busy lately. It’s one of the biggest new features the platform has seen in a while, which is why it required a lot of attention, investment, and development work.

But we’re thrilled to announce that this feature is now all set for launch, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Look out for a new post with detailed explanations shortly.

p.s. once this feature is officially live, we’ll have more time to invest in the other requested features and updates which we’ve had to put aside for a while.

This feature is now live!