New feature: Direct Hires for 1:1 Projects 💼

Hello designers!

We’re excited to announce another feature to increase your potential earnings on LogoArena: Clients can now hire you for any custom project.

This feature provides a simple and efficient way for you to collaborate with clients on custom projects.

How it works:

1. The client visits your profile page and sends a message or project request.

2. You receive an email to review the project request and can:

a. Accept and request payment to start
b. Request changes to the proposal
c. Reject the project

Before starting the project you can and should chat directly with the client to discuss the project details and make sure all steps are clear.


3. Once you’re ready to approve the project scope and price, click “Accept Proposal.”

4. The client pays and starts the project.

  • The project follows our new format of Concepts → Detailed Designs → Final Files, similar to the process used in the new Design Contests category.

5. Once the final files are approved, you get paid.

All projects are subject to LogoArena platform fees.

As always, we will monitor this new feature closely and are always happy to hear your feedback!

We’re excited to open up this whole new way for clients to hire you for design projects, and unleash your creativity in new and exciting ways.

Happy designing!
Daniel & Aviel

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