New Contest Upgrade: Blind Contests 😎

Hello designers,

We’re excited to announce a new upcoming feature:

Fully Blind Contests :sunglasses:

This feature will allow contest holders to activate a contest with a blind phase throughout the entire live phase. Once the live phase has ended, all the designs will become visible.

Many more exciting features in the pipeline! :sparkles:


I think we will have to have a mandatory minimum duration for the judging phase, now. Without one there will be no assured opportunity to review designs that might be less than legitimate (copywrite infringement, plagiarism, trace, clip, etc…). Contest holders do not typically undertake such a review or care, for that matter. But, our credibility and warranty are at stake.


Im glad of it, but also , if there is going to be a non full blind, lik a 7 days contest, please make at least 3 days blind :grimacing:, 24h is too short Im not getting mails in the exact time the contest is opened, when I got it is almost at mid way the bar at 9pm my time


Yes, I agree to you juan, blind phase needs to be a bit longer. At least 48 hrs for small 5 day contest, and72 hrs for 7 to 10 day contest.

Fully blind contests feature is now live!

We will also make changes to update the default blind phase length :slight_smile:


And a minimum judging period…?

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Based on our experience so far, it’s very rare that clients choose to complete the judging phase in less than 3-4 days, so that should give us enough time to review any of the entries.

However if we see that with this feature clients skip through judging phase faster, we will look into enforcing a minimum judging period.

Respectfully, experience so far on LA2.0 is a rather small sampling. Since 2009 there have been plenty of times when the contest holder was in a big hurry to get the final results of their contest. Again, respectfully, it might only take one bad outcome so severely influence our credibility and set a bad precedent.

So, there seems to be two imperatives here, seemingly at odds with one another: on the one hand we want to speed things along for the contest holder and on the other hand, we need to be able to review files before they are handed over, thereby protecting ourselves against cheats, which seems only fair to fellow designers and contest holders too. On the latter, the designer community typically does a great job of rooting out fellow designers who cheat.

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I have participated with Steve in uncovering dozens of cases of fraud, so how can we know or even make sure what they will offer the new designers, with respect to all the designers who are new here, and I agree with Steve that reputation is one of the main factors in the survival of this site and I should not neglect this effort from all those working on the development of the site very professional who made this site wonderful in a short time and my greetings also to my friend Steve, who always Help us thank you

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Thanks for the feedback @RetroMetro_Steve – your comments make sense. We can enforce a 3 days judging phase on fully blind contests to solve this issue.

btw, we have our very first fully blind contest today :partying_face:

I thought of another/additional safeguard we might consider implementing. As Reaction points out, at least some of the concern is over new designers who may not yet have adopted our…ethical standards. We could consider limiting fully blind contests to “Trusted Designers” much like we did on LA 1.0 for the submission upload disclaimer. If a designer has demonstrated trustworthiness, admin/mod can assign them that status and unlock participation to fully blind contests…

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well…its not working.

There are designer that already are taking advantage of this bug. obvious direction changes says it all.

I’ll ask LA publicly if a designer wins developing over my idea, to retain the prize for the abusive behavior, dont expect a split when you copy cats just deserve a Ban :rage:

@JuanSBach thanks for pointing this out! This shouldn’t have happened, and we’re already working on a fix with highest priority.

Issue fixed :white_check_mark: Thanks again for pointing it out.

Thanks, I do really hope that the guy in top at the moment (that I’ve pointed out several times in LA 1.0) is winning with something entirely far from What I did before the bug…i’ve made screenshots Ive saw what he did I saw the direction change. And also saw he withdraw at some point.