Big Reveal! 🌟 Launching the LogoArena Marketplace!

Hello designers,

It’s time to unveil an exciting new chapter for LogoArena:

The launch of our new Design Marketplace!

With our Marketplace, we are entering a whole new era for LogoArena. We are expanding our horizon beyond logos, presenting a marketplace that offers unlimited new design possibilities.

:art: A Design Marketplace Beyond Logos

Our marketplace will open doors to new categories, giving you the ability to offer a wider range of services. From social media graphics to print-ready posters, your creativity can now open up to many more design

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Increase Your Earnings

More categories mean more opportunities to monetize your talent. Attract a broader audience and increase your earnings as you expand your service offerings. You have full control over the package pricing. Craft custom projects, offering Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages that outline exactly what the client will receive. It’s your portfolio, your choice.

:wrench: How It Works: From Concept-to-Completion

Same familiar LogoArena, with an upgrade. The process will be a two-phase journey. First, the concept phase, where you align with the client’s vision. Next, the design phase, where your concepts come to life.

  • Concept Phase: In this phase you present clients with a set number of design concepts/directions to choose from. For example, you can set 3 concepts for Bronze pack, 5 for Silver and 10 for Gold.

  • Design Phase: Once a winning concept is selected by the client, you’ll continue to work on detailed designs based on the winning concept.

  • Finalization: Once designs are approved, you upload the final files.

:stadium: 1:1 Projects vs. Arena Projects

For now, Marketplace projects will always be between a single designer and the client purchasing the project. But, we are already working on an exciting upgrade of making Arena Projects, which will follow the same familiar contest format that makes our platform so unique.

:spiral_calendar: Opening Soon for Designers

Next week, we’re opening up the Marketplace for you to upload your projects. You can start preparing the assets and projects information following the details below.

1. Project information and cover image

Provide a clear title and description about your project, explaining what the client will receive when working with you. Upload a cover image (1000X750px) to showcase what a demo of the delivery.

2. Package settings

Define the specifics of each package, including number of concepts, detailed designs, delivery time and the total price. Each field has a detailed info description when you hove

3.Client requirements

Ask clients for questions, and add frequently asked questions and answers.

4. Review and submit for approval

When your project is all set, submit the project to review by our moderation team.

We can’t wait to see your creative services on our Marketplace!

Feel free to ask any questions you may have, and we recommend getting started with preparing your offering (especially the cover images). You’ll be able to upload projects next week, and we plan to open up the Marketplace to clients in two weeks time.

Cheers to new beginnings :star_struck:

Daniel & Aviel

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If all goes as planned we’ll be opening up the marketplace to designers tomorrow. Get ready! :sunny:

On first blush, this looks like it could give serious competition to sites like 99d. Congrats!!!

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Hello designers – the Marketplace soft launch phase is live!

You’ll now find a new Marketplace tab in your account dashboard, where you can create and submit projects for review here:

After publishing for review, your project will appear here:

And you can review how your project will look like once published:

For reference, you can find an example approved project here:

Our first Marketplace project has just been approved, congrats @sdotype :clap: :tada:

Great to see the submitted projects so far, keep them coming!

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maybe add share button, so I can post on my social media or share link direct to my client.

Good idea, thanks. We will add it. How was the overall experience so far? Primarily creating the project? :slight_smile:

I see a problem: making public the price of any given project sets a precedent which other designers may not wish to follow. Speaking for myself, the price for the business card project shown above represents less than one hour of my time IRL. Concept generation (x3), execution of each, upload, dialogue at each step of the way, handover of final files, etc…

Of course a designer wants to be able to establish their own pricing, but not all designers will agree as to what that should be. I see this as leading to a ‘race-to-the-bottom’ scenario - a client-side benefit, perhaps, but a bad thing ultimately for the designers.

Perhaps what is needed is discussion of final pricing not in a public space where precedent is sure to be established. And maybe, too, there needs to be pre-defined minimum pricing below which no arrangement can be entered into…

I’m imagining a button on the project offering page/public page that says something like “Press here to Receive Your Quote” which could come from LogoArena or the designer via LogoArena

Hi Steve,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, we appreciate your perspective on this! :slight_smile:

With the design marketplace, we’re talking about pre-defined projects that the designer is offering the client – with both the deliveries and expectations made clear upfront. So in this case, it’s not a custom project scenario, where a quote is needed.

Regarding pricing, our approach allows designers the freedom to set their prices starting at a minimum of $25 (for example, this could be a “Simple email signature, 1 concept”). This gives designers the flexibility to reflect the quality, requirements, and their professional valuation of the work. Likewise, clients can choose projects that align with their budget and quality expectations.

With that said, we’re not looking to be a ‘low-cost platform’ that compromises on quality by approving every project. That’s why we have a review phase where we take a close look at the project as a whole and decide if it’s a good fit for our platform.

So while a baseline package may be priced more affordably and serve as an entry point for customers to experience our marketplace offerings, we aim to demonstrate the potential and quality of our designer community and encourage customers to continue to more premium packages.

Hope this helps clarify our thinking around this, and as usual, thanks for your valuable insights! We’re looking to make our Marketplace a place where our designer community can thrive, increase their earning potential, and showcase their unique offerings.

I believe my concerns and all of your objectives can still be met whilst not having pricing broadcast publicly. I should be a fairly simple matter to have a prospective client have to click through for pricing (perhaps including a requirement to provide email contact info).

:loudspeaker: We’re selecting 3 projects to be featured as staff picks during our initial Design Marketplace launch.

To be considered for a staff pick, you need to:

  1. Submit your project by May 23rd
  2. Have it approved by May 30th

Quick links:

Don’t miss out!

As our marketplace grows, clients will have the ability to sort projects by popularity. Having your project featured during launch will give it valuable extra exposure.